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The dastardly record-breaking cold and ice caused quite an uproar at the first Wild Western Days, including -20 degrees wind chill and covering everything with ice.

The show would go on, though, even though everyone was forced inside to avoid the bitter cold.

The Pepper Lady did her part to keep everyone warm with her variety of spicy sauces.

The Comanche American Indian Dance Troop takes advantage of the close quarters to demonstrate their dances.

The sun finally came out on Sunday, and the Duelists & the audience enjoy the fresh air.

Regulators & Outlaws fired up the audience with their award-winning gunfight shows.

The Dolunay Rose Dancers are ready to dance the Can Can!

Deputy Eugene gets blown up by dynamite in the Bandit Attack Stunt Show.

In between bands, the Storyman would regale everyone with his stories of the Old West.

Woody, Jesse & the Cowgirls entertain the audience Sunday morning.

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