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Date: Thu, Sep. 12, 2002 02:15 PM
Name: Mary Daly
Web site:
How did you hear about us?: pocket flyers & personally from the Dosseys
Comment: I plan to bring our 2 grandsons, Thomas and Robby Glazier. I hope they will have a rip-roaring time.

Date: Wed, Sep. 04, 2002 04:31 PM
Name: Carla
Web site: Funtier Games
Comment: Will be posting flyers for WWD at the Southlake and Cleburn Flea Mkts.

Date: Fri, Aug. 30, 2002 06:29 AM
Name: TD Baker & Chris Davis
Web site: TD Baker - Acoustic Southwestern Folk Music
How did you hear about us?: We played at the March WWD
Comment: Y'all better come, now, y'hear! This is something you can do with the kids, and reasonably priced, too! So much stuff to do, booths to peruse,!

Date: Tue, Aug. 13, 2002 04:38 AM
Name: Ann-HelÚn Bockman
How did you hear about us?: surfing
Comment: Hi,

I found you when I was looking for some pictures to our western-camp. It┤s just a little private one. So I needed some pictures of a prairie-waggon and some women clothing in westernstyle(didn┤t find any. Very nice site.

Hugs from a true swedish Cowgirl.

Date: Mon, Aug. 12, 2002 07:41 AM
Name: COWBOY JOE (radio name)
How did you hear about us?: link
Comment: Howdy from the world headquarters for real WESTERN music - Cowboy Joe's Radio Ranch.

Date: Fri, Aug. 02, 2002 02:37 PM
Name: Craig Lutke
Web site: Wild Western Days
How did you hear about us?: I live here
Comment: Welcome to the Wild Western Days guestbook. Feel free to post your thoughts about the festival and share any experiences you might have had or are looking forward to having.